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Our mortgage rate tracker service will notify you when the interest rate that you want is available.

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What are tracker mortgages? A tracker mortgage is a type of variable rate mortgage where the interest rate tracks (or follows) the Bank of England Base Rate. This means that the interest you are charged on your mortgage (and therefore the amount of your monthly mortgage repayments) depends on how the Base Rate changes:

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A capital and interest mortgage of £156,500 payable over 26 years on a fixed rate of 2.35% for 3 years and then our variable tracker rate of 3.49% above the Bank of England Base Rate (currently 0.75%), for the remaining term would require 36 monthly payments of £670.83 and.

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. long-term mortgage rates fell for the fifth consecutive week. The U.S. stock market was on track Thursday afternoon for its fourth straight weekly loss and its first monthly.

For example, if your tracker mortgage is the Base Rate +2%, and the Base Rate rate is 1%, you will pay 3%. If the Base Rate rises to 2%, you will pay 4%. Tracker mortgages can be a risk – if the Base Rate rises, your payments will rise accordingly. However, if they fall, so will your mortgage repayments.